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Vinicunca Mountains

The Rainbow Mountain Cusco or best known by the locals as VINICUNCA MOUNTAINS, a spectacular mountain formation in the Peruvian Andes, located to the South of Cusco, near to the famous Ausangate Mountain.

The Vinicunca Mountains is a new option of trek; it can be done in 2 days or just in one day. the Rainbow Mountains Cusco you will experience also the beautiful Andean Villages and the interesting daily life style of the Andean people. As you hike to VINICUNCA, we will have the astonishing views of the Apu Ausangate the tallest peak in the Cusco region. The rainbow Mountain hike can be done also as part of the Ausangate trek.

  • Ausangate Trek

    Ausangate trek & Vinicunca expedition, 6 day

    This 6 day Ausangate trek itinerary combines an extraordinary hike to Winicunca Mountain Peru with the traditional Ausangate trail. After a couple of days being immersed in the stunning beauty of the Peruvian Andes we will visit the Rainbow Mountain, which is located in a remote part of the Ausangate region. Before 2015, The Rainbow […]

  • Vinicunca Trek via Ausangate

    Vinicunca trek via Ausangate, 3 Day

    This 3 day Vinicunca trek Peru is a challenging trip in the high altitude, the beginning section goes on parts of the beautiful Ausangate trail which after 3 day of hiking  allows you to connect to the famous Rainbow Mountain Peru. It is the best opportunity to experience the interesting country lifestyle of the Quechuas who are […]

  • Rainbow Mountain Trip by Horse

    Rainbow Mountain Trip by Horse, Full Day

    The Rainbow mountain trip by horse, takes you to the incredible gorgeous Rainbow Mountains Cusco in Peru, a colorful geological formation in the proximity of Mt Ausangate, also named as Vinicunca Mountain. It’s became a bucket list trip destination for the most travelers visiting Cusco. A great opportunity to experience this natural wonder in the Peruvian Andes, and especially […]

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    Rainbow Mountain Tour & Ausangate, 4 days

    The Rainbow Mountain Tour & Ausangate trek is one of the 10 top hikes in the Peruvian Andes, is the best trekking trail to visit the popular Rainbow Mountain, which starts in the proximity of the Sacred Mt Ausangate. This Rainbow Mountain tour enables you to experience unforgettable memories of the beautiful mountain scenery, wild life (Andean […]

  • Rainbow Mountains Cusco

    Rainbow Mountain Cusco 2D/1N

    The Rainbow Mountains Cusco also called Vinicunca Mountain, is a stunning multi-color hills, a  great natural wonder in the Peruvian Andes; located approx. 100 kilometers to the South of Cusco city, part of the Vilcanota mountain range. The Rainbow Mountains Cusco is a great trekking route to hike to Vinicunca; it can be done in 2 day trek […]

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    Rainbow Mountain Trek, Full Day

    Enjoy Rainbow Mountain Trek with us, an incredible full day hike, best way trip to explore Vinicunca Mountain, which is located 100 km to the South of Cusco. An expert mountain guide will lead this Rainbow Mountain trek Peru, you will meet authentic indigenous people who are herds of llamas and alpacas in the proximity of the Rainbow Mountain. Vinicunca is a […]