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Village Home Staying Tour

Immerse yourself in the day to day living of Peruvian culture through our Family Enrichment Home Stay Program.  This soulful experience helps us to partner in and promote tourism activities in remote rural places located throughout the Cusco region.

We share the vision of providing a unique experience to our visitors and    are dedicated to sharing the benefits of tourism in the rural native communities. This is a life enriching opportunity for travelers to stay with native Quechua families.

During your stay, you will be delighted as you build a personal connection with your host family. You will be able to partake in learning about the day to day activities and traditions of Peruvian living.

 The Town of Zurite
Zurite is a small picturesque colonial town of Incan origin.  It is a 55 minute drive Northwest of Cusco.  The town has an interesting microclimate, protected by the mountains from the cold winds and is rich in beautiful colors provided by flowers and green foliage.

Zurite produces variety of crops, with remarkable an Incan farming center. This area is known to have the biggest and largest farming terraces in the world. It is one of the most important experimental centers for growing quinoa, corn, potatoes, wheat and barley.

Many of the families living in Zurite have completed extensive training in order to open their homes and receive visitors.  They share their homes and their hearts with people of other cultures and will welcome you with open arms.

Traveling to Zurite
Zurite is very accessible from Cusco.  We always provide you tourist class transportation that is direct without stops. When you reach the community, you will be warmly welcomed by local families dressed in traditional clothing eagerly waiting your arrival.

Heartfelt and Genuine
Numerous families dressed in a colorful array of traditional clothing will give you the warmest welcome when arrive. They have created a welcoming ceremony just for you!

After you are formally welcomed, you will be introduced to your host family.  Once you are situated in the house of the host-family, you will be able to participate in a variety of activities.

Depending of your arrival season in Zurite, there are different activities that you will be able to experience. Activities include farming, animal care, meal preparation, a lesson in the local language, participation in ceremony and hiking.

Farming Activities
The people in Zurite still use many of the Incan Manual techniques.  Visitors can experience working with these techniques through sawing products, tilling, cleaning weeds from the crops, harvesting and storage.

Working with Farm Animals
The majority of the families in the town have farm animals. The most common being cows, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, donkeys and goats. Oxen are often used for helping to farm the land. Visitors are welcome to help to the host families. Farming, tending and manually milking the cows by hand is all part of the farming experience.

Meal Preparation
Visitors can have hands on experience in the preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner using organic products cooked over a traditional fire stove. Travelers will also have the opportunity to learn the preparation and cooking techniques of typical Peruvian dishes including Lomo Saltado, Papa Rellena, Papa a la Huancaína, Risotto de Quinoa, roasted Guinea pig and a variety of soups.

Lessons in the local language
If you are interested in learning, improving, and practicing the Spanish language, this will be the best opportunity to interact with the native Spanish speakers.  You will also be exposed and learn some of the Incan language “Quechua”. The majority of the families are bilingual so they will not have any problems conversing with you.

Ceremony is a very important part of the spiritualism practiced by the Andean people. Since Pre-Incan times ceremony has been offered in order to build the connection with spirit and offer their gratitude to nature for everything that Mother Earth (Pachamama) provides for them. For this reason the celebration of the ceremonies and rituals for the natural elements are very common.

There are several Archaeological sites around Zurite. Some of the sites are located close to the mountain top (2 hours from the town) and provide an amazing view to the whole area.

As you hike outside of the town on the pathways you will be able to see many medicinal plants that have been used for illness since Pre-Incan times. Natural medicines are the preferred way to treat illness. You will be able to observe how some of the medicinal plants are used to aide in healing.

Farwell Ceremony
As your visit with your host family comes to end.  A final ceremony bids you farewell and is held in the Main Square.  You will be able to take with you an unforgettable connection and cherished experience with the people of Peru.

In order to maximize your connection and experience with your family, we highly recommend you to spend 3 or 4 days in your immersion the families so you will be able to experience many of the daily activities. Two days is the least amount of time that we recommend.

As part of our Home stay Program, you are provided with tourist class transportation and a professional tour guide who has expertise in home-staying tours.

The Home Stay program is offered all through the year.  We are happy to customize your stay.  Our Home Stay Programs are offered at reasonable prices so you have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience living an everyday Peruvian lifestyle.