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Why Top Peru Trips?

In Top Peru Trips we have a large selection of carefully crafted tours at competitive prices – We have over 8 years’ experience in the Peruvian Tourism industry – We have a professional team of Travel Consultants here to help you design that perfect Tailor-made Tour – Every aspect of every tour must meet our rigid quality standards – We specialize in tailored Tours, hiking, and family tours – We will do everything in our power to ensure your Tour to Peru is the experience of a lifetime.

In Top Peru Trips since 2005 we set exceed all quality standards in tourism services, offering the highest level of care, both within and outside the country. Everything we have achieved has been possible thanks to the extraordinary support of our team, a team of permanently trained professionals, identified with business objectives and customer preferences. Our Customer Service Department occupies a special place in our organization.

The ongoing challenge that globalization for business today demands that we not only pay more attention to every single detail of your trip, but also to optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs. In Top Peru Trips our expert team of travel consultants are interconnected to the most modern reservation systems in the world…
This allows us to guide you in your business or pleasure trip with the most accurate and current.

Top Peru Trips is 100% local own company, based in heart of Cusco city; which helps to assure the quality service in our operations of the tours using highly qualified local people, because our compromise is to improve the local economy.

Top Peru Trips as a responsible travel company promotes the development of the local communities and makes villagers participating in the practice of sustainable tourism to protect the environment, which in the present day is very important  concept in the tourism activity for locals and visitors.