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Weather at the Rainbow Mountains in Peru

Rainbow Mountains Cusco

The expected weather in the area of Rainbow Mountain Peru usually is divided in two big seasons: dry and wet. As the zone of Rainbow Mountains Cusco forms part of the Cordillera Vilcanota in the Peruvian Andes, the dry season is considered from May to November mostly sunny days, with minimum percentage of rain or bad days, recommended time to trek to the Rainbow Mountains. But the rainy season usually is from December to April with hail storms, snowy, cloudy days and not much visibility on the mountains. During the winter season (June- August) the places in the proximity of the Rainbow Mountain Peru get warmer days but cold at night; Summer season (December- March) usually the trail gets wet, muddy and difficult to walk. Travelers visiting the Rainbow Mountains Cusco should be prepared for the quick change of temperatures and climates even in winter, but much more in summer season. Due to the global warming the weather conditions in the Andes is becoming very changeable and very unstable, so if you want to have a successful and memorable Rainbow Mountain Trek full day you should ask for an appropriated information before to take any of the Rainbow Mountains Cusco trek itinerary options.

Depending on the season you want to visit the Rainbow Mountains Cusco, we recommend travelers to check the weather conditions before to trek to the Rainbow Mountain, or at least talk to a responsible travel company for a good advise, not all the Rainbow Mountain trek options are available the whole year round.

The Rainbow Mountain tour & Ausangate 4 day and our brand new Vinicunca trek via Ausangate 3 day which we connect with Rainbow Mountain Peru, those are only recommended and available at the dry season from May to October, because the weather condition becomes too rainy, cloudy and there is not much visibility up there on the mountains; the same weather conditions are en general in all the Peruvian Andes Mountains. So the best weather you will find to visit the Rainbow Mountain Peru is during the winter season. But with global warming, the usual big natural seasons are getting very changeable, that is why we advise to the travelers to be prepared for any changes of the weather around the Rainbow Mountain Peru.

Rainbow Mountain Peru – Vinicunca Trek Options