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What is Rainbow Mountains Peru? or Vinicunca Mountain!

Vinicunca Peru, Rainbow Mountains

The first time travelers hear about the Rainbow Mountains Peru,  sounds very unreal, weird and difficult to believe multi-color mountains existent in somewhere! But the natural miracles happen in the world and one of those privileged places on the earth is the region of Cusco – Peru. When people hear the word Peru, automatically associates with Machu Picchu and the great pre-Columbian civilization called the Inca Empire.

But Peru is not just Machu Picchu! or Inca culture. This beautiful country has a lot more of the Natural wonders to explore and discover at every region; including this astonishing mountain formation called by the locals as Vinicunca Mountain Peru or named by some people as the Rainbow Mountains Cusco.


The Rainbow Mountain Peru is part of the spectacular Mt Ausangate, in the Peruvian Andes mountains, located approximately 100km to the south of Cusco city. Vinicunca Mountain Peru is a natural rock formation of sand stones with different  natural colors because the presence of different minerals. Local people knew about the existence of this Rainbow Mountain already for many decades, before it was offered as a tourist attraction. But they never expected visitors would be so much interested to see it like it happened in the last 3 years.

It is a true challenge to reach the Rainbow Mountains of Peru, due its high elevation in altitude (5100m/ 16500ft), it demands a lot of physical activity and a great level of fitness, travelers planning to hike the Rainbow Mountain trek should be very well acclimated to the high altitude if they want to have a really great time at Vinicunca Peru, local people from the villages are offering horses to ride for additional cost if its needed, but even with this service you will still need to walk the last section(100 meters) of the trail to arrive to the Rainbow mountains Peru. specially to reach to the lookout point which gives you the full view of the entire place.

For any trek options we highly recommended to take oxygen tank in order to prevent any problem with the altitude. Because the area of Vinicunca Peru is very isolated place is better to take precautions before you travel there!

Trek options to the Rainbow Mountain

The trek options to arrive to the Rainbow Mountain Peru are several: the first option is taking the one day Rainbow Mountain trek Full day, which starts in Cusco very early in the morning, with 3 hours bus drive to the beginning of the hike at Kayrabiri, then at least 5 hours walk up and down will allow you to see this beautiful Rainbow Mountain Peru, and then the final 3 hours bus drive back to Cusco.

The second great option is taking the 2 day Rainbow Mountains Cusco, which is less tiring and relaxing, giving you a better chance to avoid the crowds and enjoy more of the Rainbow Mountain Peru without rushing. this option is ideal to explore the Red Valley in the proximity of Vinicunca.

The third option is taking part of the extraordinary Ausangate trek with the final destination of Rainbow Mountain Peru, this is quiet and very scenic, is more suggested for the adventurous hikers because the Rainbow Mountain tour + Ausangate goes at least over 4 high passes, before to arrive to Vinicunca Peru.

But this last  trek option is rewarding as you will see varied landscapes from snow-capped mountains, to desert Mountains, to marshes and the always worth it Vinicunca Peru or best known Rainbow Mountain Peru.

From those 3 Rainbow Mountain trek options: the second and third are highly recommended as the best treks to arrive to the Rainbow Mountain, because you have plenty of time to enjoy it and is less people taking those hike options. The first option became too commercial, very busy and sometimes too much to do in one day trip.

If you would like to take one of our short treks to the Rainbow Mountains Peru or a multi-day Ausangate trek with Vinicunca Peru visit www.topperutrips.com for more information or email topperutrips@gmail.com to book a trip. Hope this information will be useful as a preparation for your trek to the beautiful Rainbow Mountains Cusco – Peru

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