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Trekking in Lares

Trekking in Lares

Trekking in Lares not only involves hiking activities as many of the travelers think about it, trekkers can also participate in some cultural  immersion activities with the native people from the communities to learn some of their traditions and the daily lifestyle. So trekking in Lares means more than just to follow one of the ancient footpaths as part of your experience in the Peruvian Andes mountains.

The Lares trek is one of the great alternatives treks to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It is slightly shorter and higher in altitude than the Classic Inca Trail, depending of the beginning point of your trek; it is accessible by car from Cusco or Sacred Valley. Unlike the Inca Trail, trek permits are not required to hike the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

There are more than 5 Trekking routes in Lares Valley, some of them are starting at the hot springs in Lares district, and ending in the Sacred Valley in different places; but trekkers can also start from the Sacred Valley and go across the Vilcanota Mountain range to finish the hike at the beautiful hot springs of Lares. At Top Peru Trips, we offer the less traveled routes for Lares trekking. We consider that people want to experience non crowded routes. But for sure is the most scenic one. Our Lares trek is connected to Machu Picchu on the final day.

Why to choose Lares Trek

There are some very important factors that makes the trekking in Lares a great alternative trek to the Classic Inca Trail.

  • Something very important about hiking the Lares Trek is that people do not need to be very fit at all. Because if someone is struggling on the hike you can ride a horse to make the difficult parts so you can enjoy the rest of Lares trek; which is totally different on the Classic Inca Trail.
  • Any Lares trek is easier than the Classic Inca Trail because one does not need to deal as many steps up and down. Altitude will be still an issue because in some of the trek options you will need to go through 2 or 3 high passes.
  • Lares Trek has the benefit of providing a true Andean cultural experience to the visitors. The Lares Valley is home to many of traditional Andean communities that have changed so little in the last 500 years. It is very likely you will see many local weavers, llamas, alpacas and farmers wearing bright colorful traditional clothing, and depending on your trek option you might have a chance to watch or participate in some weaving activity. The Lares Valley is famous for its man-made textiles, so if you want to bring an authentic piece of Peru back home with you then take some money in Soles.