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Rainbow Mountain trekking

Rainbow Mountain Trekking in Cusco

The Rainbow Mountain trekking is a great new tourism activity for the trekkers in Cusco-Peru. This recently discovered natural wonder became a popular tourist attraction only since 2015 and now is a must go place for those people arriving to Cusco. The Rainbow Mountain Peru forms part of the Southern Andes mountain range in South America and if you take any of the Rainbow Mountain treks  you will be having a great challenge to arrive in the proximity of Vinicunca Mountain, due its location in the high altitude.

Traveling to the Rainbow Mountains Cusco is synonym of taking one of the several great hike options, travelers searching for Rainbow Mountain trekking trips can choose one of our following trek options: one full day trip by Horse, one day trek to the Rainbow Mountain, 2 day Rainbow Mountains Cusco and 4 day Rainbow Mountain tour + Ausangate trek considered among the top treks to the spectacular Rainbow Mountain Peru.

Usually those 4 trip itineraries are available from April to November (dry season). But in the wet season (December to March) Rainbow Mountain trekking could turn even more challenging, because the bad weather conditions,  for the safety of our clients at Top Peru Trips we only recommend the dry season as the ideal period of time to travel to the Rainbow Mountains Cusco.

During the dry season if you are short in time, Rainbow Mountain Trek Full day  will be still a good option, or if you are not fit enough to trek in the high altitude and then you can take the option of riding a horse. The one day Rainbow Mountain trekking usually begins at 4:00am at your hotel in Cusco and finish around 6pm, this is the most required one, offered by all the travel companies, that means a lot of people are making the day hike at the same time . So it becames very crowded specially in Winter time.

The 2 day Rainbow Mountain Cusco is the best itinerary option to avoid the crowds, no rush and is highly recommended for the shoulder months of the wet season. This Rainbow Mountain Cusco 2 day includes a night of camping in the proximity of the Rainbow Mountain, depending on the weather conditions it allows travelers to go twice to see the Rainbow Mountain. This is not a popular  trek option so it is offered only by a few tour operators in Cusco as Top Peru Trips.

The 4 day Rainbow Mountain tour + Ausangate, is peaceful, very scenic, less traveled and is perfectly recommended for adventurous trekkers, the best way to combine the Rainbow Mountain with the amazing Ausangate trek. If you want to be away from the crowds and see the true Andean lifestyle of the native Quechua people you should definitely take this Rainbow Mountain tour & Ausangate, it will be a challenging trek, But worthy in every way.

Now for 2018 we have a brand new itinerary available, which is the amazing Vinicunca trek via Ausangate 3 day,  a great trekking itinerary mostly for experienced hikers and for those who did hikes in some other places and are very well acclimated to the high altitude. This trek is recommended from April to November.