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Recommendations for the trek to rainbow mountains

Rainbow Mountain Hike

As part of our commitment with the security of the travelers, at Top Peru Trips we have prepared some basic, but essential recommendations for all those who are interested in traveling to the famous Rainbow Mountain Peru, we want to assure for everybody a great time and memorable experience visiting the Rainbow Mountains Cusco. So all those adventure people planning to visit Mt Vinicunca should follow our recommendations down below as part of the trip preparation before and during  the Rainbow Mountain trek in Peru:

  • Travelers should get at least 2 or 3 day of acclimatization to the altitude in a high place like Cusco or any other higher altitude city before they go to the Rainbow Mountain trek Peru.
  • If  you are not a good trekker and you have problem with the altitude and then we highly recommend you taking the option of riding a horse, especially for the uphill part of the Rainbow Mountain trek
  • Due to the high altitude there is less oxygen to bread up there, so your performance on the Rainbow Mountain trek will be not the best. So you should make sure that the travel company is providing the Oxygen tank during the Rainbow Mountain trek, Full Day
  • If you do not like the rush and waking up too early, you should take the Rainbow Mountains Cusco 2 day, is easier, more relaxing and private than hiking for one day with several hundreds of people at the same time.
  • If you are not a great hiker, we advise you to keep your own pace, in this case you should join in small party, so the guide will take very good care of you on your day trek to the Rainbow Mountain Peru.
  • Is suggested to take a warm jacket with you during the hike, because the weather changes so quick in the high altitude and specially on the top of Rainbow Mountain will get  very cold and windy.
  • You should take some energizer cereal bars as your snack for the trip, because usually there is no much appetite in the high altitude. So sometimes you do not feel like eating big meals serve by the cook during the Rainbow Mountain trek.
  • If you want to experience the true Peruvian country lifestyle, with authentic Andean people, we suggest you taking the 4 day Rainbow Mountain tour + Ausangate , which is one of the top trekking trails  in the Peruvian Andes.

To learn more about the Rainbow Mountain Peru we invite you to read all our articles or blogs on the webpage www.topperutrips.com we want you having a memorable time traveling around the Rainbow Mountains of Peru.

Rainbow Mountain Peru – Vinicunca Trek Options