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Rainbow Mountains options

Rainbow Mountain Trip

It is very well known that all those people traveling around Cusco have different time availability and level of fitness for hiking activities in the high altitude and that is why at Top Peru Trips, we carefully  have designed  five different alternatives of hiking as the best choices to travel to the spectacular Rainbow Mountains  Cusco:

After the Rainbow Mountain discovery for the most people visiting Cusco, the mostrequired and the classic way to trek to Vinicunca is taking the Rainbow Mountain Trek full day, because is offered by almost all the travel businesses. But is the busiest trip option and sometimes is too much rush in one day, especially in the peak season (June – September), but probably still a good choice for people short in time availability.

The Rainbow Mountains Cusco 2 day is one of the great trek itineraries, especially for those who want to avoid the rush, the crowds and have a relaxing time in the proximity of the Rainbow Mountains Cusco. This Rainbow Mountains Cusco, 2 day hike is recommended all year round and especially for the rainy season (December – March). Because it allows you to play with the weather conditions, usually travelers can visit the mountain twice and ahead of the crowds. This is a great opportunity for people looking to explore the rarely visited Red valley in the outlying area of Vinicunca.

Our third  great option is the Rainbow Mountain trip by horse, which is also a full day tour,  But this is highly recommended for people no-able to trek in the high altitude or those with any physical limitations, so taking this option they can still travel to the Rainbow Mountain Peru.

The Rainbow Mountain tour & Ausangate 4 day trek is probably the most challenging one but is the most scenic and stunningly beautiful one. A great trek to the Rainbow Mountain Peru, combined with the spectacular Ausangate trek, recommended for people expecting to see the authentic country life style of Peru.

Now for 2018 we have available the brand new Vinicunca trek via Ausangate 3 day which is a true challenging trip for all those who are experts hiking in the high altitude. Highly recommended to avoid the crowds and enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery in the proximity of Mt Ausangate.

Between all those trek options, some are available the year-round, but for some of the trek itineraries check out availability depending on the weather conditions, especially in the wet season (December – March). Top Peru Trips operates any of those treks to the Rainbow Mountain only from April to November. Safety of travelers is very important for us.

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Rainbow Mountain Peru – Vinicunca Trek Options