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Best time to visit Cusco region

Best time to visit Cusco region

The city of Cusco is located in the Central and Southeast area of Peru, its elevation is around 3,400 m (11,200 ft.). The site was the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th until the 16th-century Spanish conquest. In 1983 Cusco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has become a major tourist destination in Peru and South America.

Cusco is under the influence of big masses of air that come from the Southwest jungle, from the Plateau of Lake Titicaca and even from the far away region of the Patagonia. The South jungle winds imply immense masses of humid air that are moved by East winds which determinates the weather at this region. In general we can distinguish 2 seasons, the rainy season from December to March and the dry season from April to November.

For travelers planning to visit Cusco or Machu Picchu, we advise you to accommodate your journey dates between the months of the dry season and especially for hikers of the alternative trails to Machu Picchu as: Salkantay trek, Lares trek, Ancascocha trek, Choquequirao trek, Huchuy Qosqo trek, Cachicata trek and Pumamarca hike. But some of the day tours as: City tour, sacred Valley tour, Salt mine & Moray day hike are still open the whole year-round.

The classic Inca Trail hike, because its stone paved ground is manageable even in the wet season, but closed in February for maintaining. The Inca Trail trek gets sometimes mudslides in the wet season, which is not a surprise around Machu Picchu.

The Rainbow Mountain trek full day is still open in the wet season, but we highly recommend hikers taking the 2 day Rainbow Mountain Cusco trek as the best trip option to the Rainbow Mountain Peru. Some of the longer hikes as the Rainbow Mountain tour 4 day and Vinicunca trek 3 day are only available in the dry season, so traveling planning to visit Vinicunca should definitely check the weather conditions even in the dry season.