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Andean Condor at Chonta Canyon Cusco

Condor Sighting Cusco Chonta

The recently discovered Cusco´s condor sighting place is located in the beautiful Andean community of Chonta within a geographical extension of 4 km2, in the district of Limatambo at 3450 m(11000ft.) above sea level, nestled between the mountains which  form part of the popular Chonta canyon in Cusco, this great viewpoint is found in the ecological floor Puna where you can observe a beautiful and scenic landscapes of forests, canyons, rivers, snow-capped mountains and see the majestic flight of the condors soaring in their Natural habitat as part of the regular routine around this beautiful canyon, which is just becoming a great tourist attracting for numerous travelers from all over the world, especially for birders. The popular Chonta canyon by now is at least home for 30 to 40 Andean condors of different ages.

Lookout Chonta Limatambo condor Sighting

The  Chonta Condor Sighting 2 day tour, is a brand new activity in the Cusco region, it will change the classic itineraries of visiting Peru, many visitors instead of traveling all the way to the Colca canyon to see the Andean Condors; they will just need go 3 hours by bus and 1hour of gentle walk to experience the Majestic flight of the Andean Condor in it is natural habitat, even the people who have a very limited time will have the opportunity to visit this new tourist attraction called Chonta Canyon or Condor Canyon Cusco, which normally is combine with some of the less travel Inca sites. For any additional info, we highly recommend you to check out our itineraries of Condor Sighting Cusco on: www.topperutrips.com

To make more interesting your experience of Condor sighting Cusco and as part of the preparation for our Chonta Condor sighting activity here we leave you some of the essential information about the Andean Condor (sacred animal of the Incas)

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