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Ancascocha Route Options

Ancascocha view

Taking any of the Ancascocha hiking trails is synonym of treking one of the best alternative trails in the Southern Peruvian Andes. Ancascocha trek to Machu Picchu is not just one single trail, its connected with other trekking routes coming from different places, which are located in the same region but different  valleys for trail-heads, all the Ancascocha trek options are located in the area of Cusco, in the proximity of Salcantay trail and Inca Trail. Each of the Ancascocha trails are very scenic, beautiful, quiet and not visited by the regular tourist throngs. Depending on your interest, time availability and level of fitness for hiking, Top Peru Trips offers you four trek options with the name of Ancascocha treks, all of them are culminating at Machu Picchu on the final day. For additional information of those trek options, we invite you to check out the following  Ancascocha route options:

The trek itinerary for all those Ancascocha hike options are different from each other, not trek permits from the government office are required for any of those Ancascocha trails, so it is open to everybody at any time. But we suggest as the best time to hike Ancascocha trek to Machu Picchu from April to November, sometimes available in the wet season; but you should check the weather conditions.

Any of our Ancascocha route options are away from the regular tourist masses and are not popular hiking routes yet, so those trails are recommended for travelers looking for lesser traveled places, three of our Ancascocha route options are combine with great Inca sites and take the beginning section of the classic Inca Trail on the final part of the trek. But en general all our hike itineraries are great trekking options, not many travel companies in Cusco are offering those Ancascocha trekking routes, so we are privileged to be pioneers operating this non-traditional trails. If you are looking to explore the spectacular Peruvian Andes on the way to Machu Picchu, you should join us for an unforgettably experience hiking the 5 day Ancascocha trek to Machu Picchu or the other options.

Ancascocha Peru – Trek Options