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Basic tips for a trekking in the Andes

We want you having the most memorable and pleasant experience hiking with Top Peru Trips, trekking in the Andes will be so easy for some people, but not the same everybody, if you are going to hike in the high altitude, here is some of the basic tips to consider!

  • For the people who just arrived from the lower places, we strongly suggest to spend 2 or 3 days to get acclimated in a high place to manage better the altitude sickness, before you go on the treks.
  • Eating light food helps a lot with you acclimatization, because in the  high altitude your digestion process will be very slow and sometimes you will lose your appetite.
  • Re-hydration is very important point, for this reason you should drink a lot of water and some electrolytes, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks.
  • Coca tea helps with the altitude, but contains a lot of caffeine so we recommend you drinking it no more than 3 times a day, not in the evening because it keeps you up.
  • If you feel any symptoms of altitude (headache and fast heart beating) is better to take long rest (sleep) not doing any exercises.
  • In the Andes trails go up and down so we highly recommend using walking poles, especially for people who have knee and ankle problems.
  • Ask always to the guide for early start because the weather in the morning is normally nice(good views), even better up on the mountains, then if you have slow rhythm you will have plenty of time to arrive to the lunch spot or to the campsite.
  • If you are not an expert hiker, the best thing you can do is following your own rhythm, not pushing yourself; the idea is to make it to the campsite without any problem.
  • Short breaks after some minutes of walking helps to catch up your breath, especially for the uphill places, do not follow the fast hikers or the local people, remember much higher you are less oxygen to breathe.
  • For some reason you have got altitude sickness, and you are still carrying on the trail, do not eat much, hot drinks help a lot, wear warm clothes and lay down.
  • Diamox is the most prescribed medicine use by travelers for the altitude sickness, but sometimes it does not work very well so the Peruvian guides have always the emergency tablets for this problem (Sorochi pills) you should talk to the guide and ask one.
  • For any of the treks in the Andes we strongly suggest having a pre-departure briefing with the guide, it is very important to know where are you going? What do you need to take? Make sure you have all the essential things required for the trek.